Out of the Skillet and into the Real World

I graduated (a year ago), what the hell do I do now (still)? Follow me, as I fumble my way through "adulthood" and figure this whole "life" thing out. For more C-Bus goodness, check out my column, Brandi at the Bar, on livecbus.com. For more even more bars, plus food, car shops, hair salons, and other stuff, check out my Yelp at bran_d.yelp.com
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I have a weekly column (I feel weird saying that, but it’s true and pret-ty cool) at livecbus.com, where I check out the new, the old, the weird, and best of all, the divey bars in Columbus and write about my experiences. Check out the site to read all about the people, places, and events in CBus from successful business owners, bloggers, writers, and more!

Here are all of my reviews if you want to check them out, oldest to newest. If you have any suggestions, please let me know, and we can grab a drink.

Ace of Cups

Rehab Tavern


Ruby Tuesday’s

Strongwater Food & Spirits

The Library

El Camino Inn

Woodlands Tavern

Local Bar

Blue Danube

April = Alcohol Awareness Month

Wolf’s Ridge Brewing

The Ohio Taproom